To create is to seek emotion...

I feel at the border between artist and craftsman ...


The artist in pure autodidact and in perpetual search of the BEAUTIFUL.

The craftsman since my training at Boulle school where I learned traditional cabinetmaking and design.

I am used to bringing together all my know-how for the same project: my knowledge of the history of furniture, art history, contemporary design associated with my manual skills in cabinetmaking, tailor-made layout, upholstery. furnishings, painting and weaving.

The concern for the finish is for me a real stake in the service of customers who like the unique, the tailor-made. I like that my clients are fully involved in the project and I make a point of listening to them carefully.

They put me forward


13 Promenade du Prince Imperial ZA du Prince Imperial Atelier 17/2 64600 Anglet


06 64 39 57 95


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Do not hesitate to contact me to let me know about your project.
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