Leather Weaving

I have been weaving leather for a good ten years now. I fell into it by mistake when I wanted to create a seat for an armchair, and I realised that tightly woven leather was as strong as a stretched fabric.

I developed my own technique as a self-taught woman and created my own tools with the same high standards as when working with wood or metal.

I work locally and buy from the famous Tannerie Rémy Carriat in Espelette, known for supplying the greatest leather goods manufacturers and designers. 

Each strip is hand-cut one by one from the leather chosen for its superior quality. It is then worked to create a unique artistic picture. 

I weave on armchairs, seats, I create wall facings, cupboard doors, bookcase fronts and I integrate it according to the desires of my clients. The inspiration is infinite... Sometimes sharp, sometimes more temperate or sober... I often integrate wadding for the soft and supple aspect, especially when I make custom bedheads.

I use weaving in all its forms, including making furniture cushions. Weaving also has natural acoustic and insulating properties.

My team and I are currently working on a furniture line that would subtly integrate leather weaving and leather inlay.

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