Master Woodworker

You don't go into master woodworking by chance... You are above all passionate about it.

You need to have a particular sensitivity, to know how to respect and perpetuate the tradition of beautiful work. With my training in cabinet making and design at the Ecole Boulle in Paris, I restore all styles of furniture.

I am very detail-oriented and work to a perfect finish. The lacquers and patinas are made in a traditional way, according to the rules of art.


- Restoration / Repair of antique and contemporary furniture.

- Lacquering, painting, varnishing, stamped varnishing, old-style patina, waxing.

- Sculpture.

- Marquetry repairs.

- Restoration of hardware, bronze, brass, marble.

- Treatment of woodworm and wood-eating insects, plugging of woodworm holes.

- Restoration of worm-eaten furniture.

- Gluing of furniture, chair legs, drawers.

- Restoration of antique mirrors, gilding.


We offer our design services for special orders for the design and production of custom-made furniture for individuals, professionals (shops, stores, hotels, restaurants, bars, brasseries, offices, waiting rooms, etc.), architects, decorators, artists and galleries.

We aim to offer the best aesthetic, artistic and technical solutions. Our creative workshop masters drawing, modelling and model making as well as 2D and 3D visualisation tools. We work with solid wood, but not only. 

We offer each client custom-made fittings and can mix metal, wood, stone, stone sheet, medium, plywood, bendable plywood, valchromat and many others... 

We also use digital laser cutting equipment. We love challenges, technical constraints and surpassing ourselves in the service of beauty while respecting your budget and deadlines.


- Manufacture of furniture.

- Manufacture of custom-made dining room or restaurant tables.

- Manufacture of custom-made counters.

- Manufacture of table stands.

- Manufacture of coffee table.

- Manufacture of chair, bench.

- Manufacture of console.

- Manufacture of custom-made bookcase.

- Manufacture of dressing room, custom-made shelves.

- Customised fittings and installation.

- Prototyping.

- Creation of stabilised plant walls

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